the perfect MATCH

we design our higly innovative Laces in every colour you imagine. We can change between everey possible lace colour. And we can change the colour of eloxal coating.

As our customer you can order them just with the fitting desingn for your companie and brand.

(MOQ request by mail)



All laces work with the same connectors.

Thats why you can change every lace with another within a second. You can change colour by colour, electronic to non electric and Headset to everythin you can imagin.

Be part and start to Plug 'n Pull!


The electronic lace for the future of clothing

The E-lace is the start to electronical and funktional clothing. The future of textile is electrical we want to move our way out to more intelligence and funktionality in the garment. At this point Plug'nPull stands for the first generation of simple, integration of electronic to t-shirts, hoodies, trowsers and jackets.

Plug'nPull opens you possibilities to everything you can dream of!

Just watch our Headsets to start with the Future there is much more up to come!

E-Lace to headset

2020 is time for starting the future!

Just plug your headset in your E-Lace, get ready.

Get electronifyt!

how to start:

At first you decice which lace you prefere. Choose your personal colour and order your personal favorit lace.

Test which length you need, for a hoodie one meter is a good one, for the T-Shirts from Plug'nPull 40cm is the best!

Then just connect it to your S-Lace and pull it trought! If you dont have any S-Lace it will take you a couple of seconds to change manually.

this will change

your future!


Plug'n Pull


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